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Namashkar. Thank you for visiting our website, Bangla Readings.

Prothomei kshoma cheye nei - inreji-te lekhbar jonyo. One of Raja's biggest disappointment is not being able to read or write web-pages in bengali without going through a convoluted process. From email exchanges with several of our subscribers, we know that a large of number of bengali web-users do not have bengali fonts installed, and also, do not like to read bangla words written in english.

Raja & Maitreyee Chakraborty are from Jadavpur - Regent Estate neighborhood in Kolkata. Our world-view was developed in 70s and 80s in our para, in Patha Bhavan and Carmel schools, in BE College (Shibpur) and Jadavpur University campuses and in the streets and tea-stalls of Kolkata. Now, our views are polished every day by the intellectuals (American liberals), our sons and also by the ordinary, hard-working Joes and Juanitas. Our home remains in Kolkata, although our work-place has been in Los Angeles (USA) for the last 27 years.

We love literature and theater (in both English and Bangla), raag-sangeet, rabindrasangeet, bangla adhunik songs, and hindi film music (1950s - 80s). Maitreyee is an exponent of Rabindrasangeet and also loves all other forms of bangla music. Raja loves shyamasangeet  and hindi ghazals. He passionately supports efforts by current Bengali musicians who create new music, whether good or bad (as opposed to re-mixing or singing songs from 70s and 80s).

Bengalis will need to learn English to succeed in this global economy. That doesn’t mean that Bengalis would have to forget our mother-tongue (native language) bangla. The Americans, British, French, Germans, Japanese, etc., all have succeeded without forgetting their native languages.

You can also contact us by sending by email to bengalireadings at yahoodotcom.

Preeti o Shubheccha

Raja & Maitreyee Chakraborty