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Archive for August 2010

"Parabaas" is a novel about a Sikh family who settled in Kolkata, after leaving Lahore because of the partition, and the Delhi after the Sikh riots. The story explores an age-old conundrum - where is one's homeland? Can a Sikh boy growing up in Kolkata be a "bangali"? Or will he always be a "sikh" or "punjabi"? This story about mistrust towards a "foreigner",  and equating religion with terrorism, is especially relevant in today's world.

The novel will be presented in several parts. Read by Smt Maitreyee Chakraborty.

To celebrate Kobiguru's 150th birth year, we are also presenting a composition from Geetanjali: poem number 23.

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Music: Raag Bageshri played by Adnan Sami Khan on piano and Ustad Zakir Hussain on tabla.


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